"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

Dregg Ships



Dregg Pheonix Corvetteis the main ship of the Dregg fleet, with it's own jump engine and a flight of Typhoon's. It is armed with a mix of formidible anti-ship weapons, and a generous amount of anti-fighter defenses. All in all, one mean ship.

Dregg Typhoon Fighteris the Dreggs main fighter, able to go head-to-head with a Starfury and usually win. It's combination of standard fighter weapons and a small supply of missiles make it an excellent all-round fighter.

Challenger Corvette: is the primary fast attack ship of the Dregg fleet, meant to soften up a target before a Pheonix delivers the death blow. Is is not well suited to patroling, and is used mainly in large fleet actions. To this end, it has no jump drive.

Hunter Patrol Cutter:  The Dreggs have little respect for raiders, but even they see the need to defend themselves against them. As such, they developed the Hunter Patrol Cutter early on to defend their shipping against Raider attacks. Mounting a reasonable number of Dual Particle Guns and a pair of Plasma Bolters, it usually works in trio's or groups of four, relying on superior number to take on any Raider ships they may encounter.

Conquest Carrier:  The Conquest Carrier is the Dreggs carrier, and also serves in a Cruiser role. As such, it is one of the few Dregg ships to mount the lethal Heavy Positron Cannon. It's offensive weapons, combined with it's 4 squadrons of Typhoon's, make it more than a match for the Carriers fielded by other races, and even a handful for the Poseidon and it's fighters!

Avenger Defense Frigate: The Avenger Defense Frigate is designed with one purpose in mind: protect a fleet from fighters. As such, it is equiped with a fair number of light anti-fighter weapons, and no heavy weapons. It is virtually unheard of to see one of these operating alone, or at anything smaller than Squadron level.  Rumor has it, when the Dregg ship designers heard about the EA Avenger Heavy Carrier, they renamed their new design for the sole purpose of irritating the Humans!

Destruction Missile Frigate:  On the surface, the Destructive Missile Frigate is one of the Dreggs best fleet support units, with it's 5 missile racks, excellent fighter defense and maneuverability. However, it has 2 serious weaknesses: it lacks the missile storage capabilities for extended combat, and a long range missile system. All in all, it is a decent ship best used with large fleets, which can defend it once it's missile supply runs out.  

Majestic Tender:  The Majestic Tender is the Dreggs supply ship, used to carry cargo long distances. It has a few light weapons to keep fighters away, and a small heavy weapon complement should it run into serious trouble.

Observer Scout:  The Observer Scout is the Dreggs standard Elint platform. It uses the same split Sensor system as the EA Oracle scout cruiser, to compensate for the Dreggs problems with sensor technology. It is not one of the best scouts in existence, something the Dreggs want very much to change.

Phoenix -C:  The Pheonix-C Destroyer Leader is a special command variant of the Pheonix, used as a leader for the destroyer wolfpacks the Dreggs use to take down larger enemy capital ships. It has improved Sensors, a larger C&C, an extra Dual Particle Array, and better initiative.

Destroyer: The Dregg Destroyer Dreadnought is a unique ship in the Dregg fleet, used as their command ship. It also has the distinction of being the largest combat ship in the Dregg fleet, their massive assault ships not being a combat ship per se. It is also the only ship in existence to mount the massive Mega Positron Cannon, with all the damage that it can do. It has become a matter of some debate whether it can go toe to toe with a Warlock and win.