"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

Other Ships




Custom Ships:

Stronch War Cruiser:  These fairly powerful (for their time) ships were used by the Orieni during their war against the Centauri.  Since not much is written on the Centauri wars there is not much information on this class of ships.

Verb War Cruiser:  A modified Stronch replacing the front llight lasers with gauss cannons.  An older sturdy vessel.

Varlak Command Ship (Two pages):  The blessed (telepathic rulers of the Orieni) used this massive vessel as their command ship.  The blessed were so confident that they placed the C&C in the front of the ship.  From their front C&C the blessed used their HIGH power telepathic abilities on enemy ships crew members (Roll a 1d10 for a result).

Varlak Table:

1-3: No effect

4-6: A section is bombed (Roll on the hit chart the Varlak is facing to see which section is destroyed)

7-9: Enemy is disoriented (-12 initiative penalty)

10: C&C is destroyed 



 Tempest Cruiser:  A rather infrequently seen raider ship used in rather large fleets of raiders used mainly for attacking enemy LCV's and medium ships.  Primarily it was used against the most large enemy of most raiders, the "Tethys"  in the end the raiders decided to phase this ship out of service as it was to costly.  Hehehe, stupid raiders.