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War of 2283






August 27th, 2000:  OK I'm fleshing out some scenarios and finishing writing out the tech readouts mainly waiting for Drahk Gif pics of weapons as well as for Nyles to do the Dregg readout...  After that I'm gonna do some small scenario testing to make sure none of them are way to out of balance and then start sending out the packs.

May 28th, 2000:  I will have a play pack (It will be in RTF and PDF) for September / October and I have a list of people who will receive one (though there are a few slots left).  Click here for a scenario I need publically tested for the pack.  

May 15th, 2000:  Finally did some work on the alpha draft and am currently starting descriptions of technology (looks like the League 1).  Oh I have an idea for the Minbari Blue Star.

April 22nd, 2000: I now have permission to use the Shipyard SCS as well as the Drahk from agents of chaos.  Check the I-Ixian info section for a new weapon of MUNCHKIN proportion.

April 21st, 2000:  Ok made this section and have decided to talk a bit about this little project the Orion Station staff has undertaken.  If any of you are interested in joining this project Email me at Ovnor@mad.scientist.com .   Well so far I'm beginning the Alpha draft which includes I-Ixian Dregg stuff as well as new rules and backround.  I intend to have it in PDF format or just use PDF for ships and RTF for the text.



This war happens in 2283 just after I-Ixian (see custom races) raids on League convoys.  During the repelling of Raids the Drahk and the Dreggs (see custom races) join the I-Ixians.  This war became a massive war between the powers.

Known Info:

We have accesses to the Warlock on Rich Bax's site (very wicked ship) as well as we are now going to use the Drahk ships seen on agents of chaos.  We have shipyard SCS's.  Please be patient on information.