"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

Minbari Ships



Custom Ships:

Traga MEDIUM Fighter:  This was one of the first fighters used by the Minbari, as it was used during the first shadow-war.  The only known flaw with this medium fighter was that it "tended to die in large numbers."

Nintian Ghost Cruiser:  This Minbari cruiser was made to attempt to solve a very common flaw in most Minbari plans, the jammer is shot down.  The second jammer installed on this ship allows it to activate once the first is destroyed.       

Sholan LCV:  Going with the flow of races introducing LCV's the Minbari federation introduced this new and advanced LCV into service.  It lacked the one major element of true Minbari ships, a jammer.  In the end the Minbari only used these light ships against the odd raider attacks.

Shio War Frigate:  During the original thousand year war against the shadows the Minbari designed several variants for the Tinashi, one of which was the Shio, which mounted two antimatter converters on the side and a single molecular disruptor in the front.

White Star Scout:  A very cool Elint White Star from Variants rejected.  I really liked it so I decided to ask permission to post it and I got it so here it is :)

De-Munchkinized (As Nyles put it) WhitestarAgain Nyles has bitched about the Minbari being Munchkin so he made his own white star.  Pretty much No Adaptive armor or shields though every pulsar was replaced with 2 (yes 2) fusion cannons.