"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

League Ships



Custom Ships:

The Abbai Golran Frigate:  A nice smaller version of the Lakara with all the nice favored weapons used by the evil Abbai including the famous quad-array, combat laser and one single fully-rotate able particle impeder.  FUN though no shields. 

Drazi Styx Warbird:  A nice Variant of the Sunhawk.  It replaces the front weapon with a particle blaster as well as it adds some aft weapons while replacing two forward blasters with some more STDs.  A nice variant for league players (if any).  Yes I know that aft weapons are not a thing Drazi would do. 

Gaim Hitich Armed Transport:  An acquired Pak'Mara dreadnaught with all you guessed it Gaim weapons.  Still a nuisance still lots of hull, still one mean ship.  Wait I forgot it's Gaim.