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"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

I-Ixian Ships



Raptor Destroyer:  This quick and effective vessels are a newer I-Ixian vessel and probably the most annoying of all.  In any case these ships are the I-Ixian equal to the interstellar White Stars. 

Axe Cruiser:  These awesome to behold cruisers became standard I-Ixian ships late in their war against the Minbari.  Using these vessels to rip the enemy ships apart, the I-Ixians never stopped using these vile vessels.

Axe Cruiser (beta):  The most frequently viewed of the I-Ixian fleets, these destroyers are very potent in attacking large targets, (i.e. Omega, Sharlin, Primus, G'quan).  Many races fear the wraith that these new variants bring upon their enemy.

Tivan Medium Fighter: The primary fighter used in the I-Ixian Union.  Its weapon arsenal consists of dual mounted medium pulsars which strike at rapid speeds.  Almost any I-Ixian fleet at least holds a single flight of these annoyingly maneuverable fighters.

Sh'Tar'La Scout:  One of the few ELINT vessels in the I-Ixian fleet this small scout utilizes the most advanced EW ever seen (3 SENSORS!!!)  fairly impressive though it is lightly armed with two pulse lasers.  

Shin Medium Corvette:  A nasty combination of Shadow and I-Ixian tech.  It uses its light slicer to rip ships apart while its arrays of Heavy Pulsars deal with enemy fire.  All in all an evil ship though there are only a few of them in existence. 

Kervan Carrier:  A newer addition to the I-Ixian fleet these carriers use pod hangars instead of the normal carriers listed on most ships.  The POD rules will be included later.