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"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

I-Ixian Info



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Almost every new I-Ixian ships is equipped with dual Jump engines.  These allow very quick jumps and as seen on I-Ixian SCS's.  To the side of the normal jump delay is a number in brackets, this number represents the delay if one engine is destroyed.   


This massive laser was added after a brief skirmish between Narn and I-Ixian forces.  The heavy laser was improved and added to several I-Ixian cruisers (or newer variants).  For this fact any race fears this new monstrous laser.


These small pulse/laser combination weapons were the result of trying to make a weapon out of a dual light laser / light pulse cannon.  As a result of that test the two weapons fused making a small laser shot with pulse streaming through it.


This rather annoying weapon send a ripple of high powered static energy to an enemy ship the result if it hits any section are the following:                                                                            

1-4: No effect                                                                                                                            

5-11: A system overload resulting in 2d10 points of damage with no armor penalty                

12-19: System disabled for 2d6 turns                                                                                        

20: System explodes resulting in destruction of that system

Note: This does not effect structure or sensors as sensors are giving off a continual amount of energy.


A remake of the Minbari Molecular Pulsars.  It was proved in its many attacks against White Stars during the War of 2284.  This new weapon has appeared on several I-Ixian vessels including the Shin Corvette.

I-Ixian Energy Field Generator:

When viewing the advancements all the races had made the I-Ixians began to believe they themselves could fall to a rush of several of them.  That had been a major flaw in the I-Ixian design; the younger races could rush them with several ships at once.  So before the attacks on convoys began the I-Ixians and the possibility of a direct war the I-Ixians needed a piece of equipment that could deal with enemy swarms.  So the I-Ixian union made the Energy Field Generator (EFG).  Several designs were thought of but the I-Ixian military officials wanted an item that could send a wave of energy into an oncoming fleet and do some damage.  The original weapon sent out a wave of EMP that disabled an enemy fleet but it wasn’t what the military wanted so a second less reliable EFG was made, this one sent out a wave of sheer energy that caused massive damage to an enemy fleet.  Aside from the fact that these EFG’s were heavily unreliable and even the smallest damage could cause serious damage the military created a ship made especially to carry this weapon.

This weapon fires differently then normal weapons as it has a line of fire of 5 hexes (as seen in the diagram).  This weapon cannot be avoided and deal 5d10 points of flash damage to every section of a ship excluding Primary unless a section is destroyed then overkill comes in.  These weapon effects friendly units as well the wave moves 15 hexes per turn before any ships move and deals damage to any unit it passes through.

ROF:  1 per 9 turns

Power:  21

Class: Electromagnetic

Criticals Hit Chart

1-6: Tight overload.  Deactivated.

7-11:  Major Overload.  Deactivated for the whole scenario

12+:  Massive Overload:  Complete destruction of any ship on the current hex as well as the adjacent hex.