"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

EW Scenarios




Scenario I:  (Minbari VS. Earth):

Player 1 (Earth): 3 Nova Dreadnaughts two are fully loaded with furies

Player 2 (Minbari): 2 Tinashi's, 1 Sharlin Fully loaded with Nials

Set-Up: Player 1 begins within 10 hexes on any short side of the map his ships within 5 hexes of each other.  Player 2 jumps in within 10 hexes of Player 1's ships.

Variations (Optional): Replace one of the Nova's armament into heavy pulse cannons.

Victory Conditions: Destroy all enemy ships

Scenario II: (Earth VS. Alliance)

Player 1 (Earth): 2 Omega Destroyers loaded with T-Bolts, 1 Explorer

Player 2 (Alliance): 5 White Stars, 2 Rogata Tugs

Set-Up:  Player 1 comes out of hyperspace within 10 hexes of the white stars while all the White stars begin within 4 hexes of the center while the tugs are within 10 hexes of the Center.

Variations (optional): The white stars are under construction and do not have any Neutron lasers

Victory conditions: Player 1: Destroy One tug and three white stars

                             Player 2: Destroy the explorer or both Omega's

Scenario III: (Earth VS. Alliance)

Player 1 (Earth): 3 Hyperion Heavy Cruisers loaded with Furies

Player 2 (Alliance): 2 White Stars, 1 Omega Destroyer with half its compliment of T-Bolts

Set-Up:  Both players set up on the opposite short side of each other within 10 hexes of the side.

Victory conditions: Destroy all enemy ships