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Custom Ships:

Cadaver (Alpha):  This ship was actually the pre attempt at combining shadow and earth technology.  This ship proved it without a doubt, and the Shadow-Omega which was much more improved replaced it.  Within a few years after the primary construction of the ship it was phased out.  Later the diagram was found in an Earth Dome lab.  It was returned to service after the government decided that it was cheap and effective.  

Cadaver (Beta):  After the mass production of the original Cadaver model Earth. Gov decided that a less energy consuming model could be created.  In the end the entire project was a flop due to the fact that no energy improvement was made.  

Hornet Fighter:  A new addition to the earth Alliance fleets, the hornet introduces a new technology stolen from the I-Ixians, the fighter mounted pulsar weapons.  The project of conversion between I-Ixian and EA technology is known only as project 62.

Neptune Carrier:  A small lightly armed carrier was the result of new EA tests into advanced ships.  This ship can hold any new fighter and have also been very successful for colonial colonies supporting swarms of starfuries.  Sadly though this project bore no fruit and most of these carriers have been phased out of service.

Artemis Plasma Frigate:  The ever loved Artemis frigate with a new twist.  Replaces all the railguns with medium plasma cannons.  Used much like the original in very short range combat.  A must have for EA players.

Nova Dreadnaught (Theta):  Again a new variant for a popular ships and again the use of the plasma idea.  Replaces all the LPA's with heavy plasma cannons.  A fair variant for a reliable old ship.

Warlock Advanced Destroyer (Munchy Model)Well, after looking at AoG's Warlock, I decided that it was munchy, but not WARLOCK munchy :-) So, I saved it to my B5W disk, and started cutting and pasting . Just a few minor tweaks to weapons and changed it to the 6 thruster arangement seen on the show. I just wanted something a little more brutal, and an excuse not to do my english homework.

Omega (Gamma)An ELINT variant of the omega with a nice added sensor array and some plasma weapons.  Fun very fun.  

Omega (Omega)I couldn't help but make this the Omega model I mean look at it!  A heavy particle cannon.  Scary and EVIL!

Omega (Kappa) Evil missile Omega.  I guess it is kind of nice to have class B missile racks on a baby like this but it almost seems munchkin.  Ah well it's still a nice ship to have on our cool site.  Right?  

Cotton TenderAgain after the famous forum talk Nyles actually completed this SCS in record time.  It may not be all the right fonts but it looks and just feels so cool.  If anyone out their likes it send Nyles an Email.

SpookyBased after the Cotton Tender creation of Nyles, this bad boy is meant to circle around battle zones.  You'll see y when you check out this SCS.  I mean you really will. REALLY!

Ocean LCV CarrierYes I realize that the only people using an LCV tender will probably be the Drahk but still, I want to post my tender.  So here it is.   -Nyles  

River LCV (Alpha - Pulse & Beta - Laser)

River LCV (2) (Gamma - Matter & Delta - Particle)


New EA Rules (From Nyles)