"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

Dregg Info



Positronic Weapons:

            Positronic weapons attack their targets by destroying them on the atomic level. But, contrary to how powerful this my sound, the effect is actually very localized, resulting on it being no more powerful than any other weapons. However it also results in most damage being in standard mode, leaving them more powerful then their particle or laser brethren. Because the energy particles making up the attack are so small, they are also rather ineffective against armor. To display this, all armor is doubled against positronic weapons. But, the advantage is that  the size of the particles leaves them completely non-interceptible, be it shields, interceptors, defensive fire, particle impeders, plasma webs, energy weds, or ANYTHING else.


Positronic Pulsar: This is basically a positronic pulse weapon, with no special rules. It fires tightly packed bursts of positronic energy, but less than other particle weapons, leaving them in the light or medium class.


Heavy Positron Cannon: This medium laser sized cannon fires a large bolt of positronic energy, doing so in standard mode. It is one of the more powerfull standard weapons around, ranking with the Medium Particle Cannon in lethality. Like all positronic weapons, it is not well suited to the anti-fighter role.


Medium Positron Cannon: This is basically a shrunken Heavy Positron Cannon, with less range and damage.


Dual Particle Gun: Similar to the twin array, the Dual Particle Gun fires itís shots in a paired, or linked fashion. They roll to-hit together, but damage and location separately, much like fighter weapons. The Dreggs use them as opposed to the standard positronic weapons for the light role simply because positronic weapons do not have the anti-armor capability to do any real damage with light firepower.