"We live so that others may die." Orion Station

Basic Scenarios




Scenario I:  (Minbari VS. Earth):

Player 1 (Minbari): 3 Tinashi's

Player 2 (Earth) 2 Omega's fully loaded with starfuries

Set-Up: Player 2starts in the middle of the board at a speed of 5 and only one flight of starfuries are not in the hangar.  Player 2 come out of a jump point within five hexes of the omega's.

Victory Conditions: Destroy all enemy ships.

Scenario II: (Earth VS. Earth)

Player 1: 1 Omega loaded with T-Bolts and 1 Hyperion loaded with furies.

Player 2: 1 Omega loaded with Furies and two Olympus corvettes

Set-Up: Player 2 begins in the center of the map with player 1 within 10 hexes of him facing any direction with any speed.  All Player 1's furies are launched but player 2's T-bolts and furies are in their hangars.  Note player 1 has recently jumped in and requires 12 turns to jump.

Victory Conditions:  Player 1: Escape with at least 1 ship

                                Player 2: Destroy the enemy

Scenario III: (Centauri VS. Minbari)

Player 1: (Centauri) 4 Vorchans and 1 Primus

Player 2: (Minbari) 3 Tinashis and 1 Sharlin Fully loaded with Nials

Set-up: Player 2 starts 5 hexes away from any short side of the map with a speed of 5 and facing Player 1 while the Player 1 start 4 hexes away from the jump gate in the middle of the map. 

Special Rules: Player 2 may not attack until the turn after Player 1 attacks also he may not turn on jammers or launch fighters until the second turn.

Victory Conditions: Player 1: Destroy The enemy Sharlin

                               Player 2: Destroy all enemy Ships

Scenario IV: (Narn VS. Centauri)

Player 1: (Narn) 2 G'Quans fully loaded with Frazi's

Player 2: (Centauri)  1 Primus 3 Vorchans

Set-Up: each player starts on an opposite small side of the map. 

Victory Conditons: All Players: Destroy all enemy ships

ScenarioV: (Narn VS. Raiders)

Player 1: (Narn) 1 T'loth (Just jumped in), 6 Frazi's

Player 2: (Raiders) 2 Raider Battlewagon

Set-Up: The T'loth starts in the center of the map escorted by the Frazi's which must be within 3 hexes of it.  The Battlewagons jumps in within 7 hexes of the T'loth

Victory Conditions: Player 1: T'loth must escape or destroy the enemy

                              Player 2: Destroy the T'loth